There Is Joy In Repetition

Garfield of London
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The Book Of GAH!
Chapter 5: Somewhere Over The Rainbow
(narrated by Mami Wata)


Collect the magical "There Is Joy In Repetition" by Garfield of London.

A limited edition print of 100 printed on Chromogenic Archival Gloss with a signed certificate of authenticity.

In the parallel dimension called Nuforia, Xena was greeted by a guide named Maya. Maya showed her the artwork she had been searching for, "There Is Joy In Repetition".

The piece featured an alternating foreground of silhouettes of yoga positions, and the shape of 'The Symbol Of GAH' at the center, filled with hundreds of vibrant coloured pulsating hearts.

Maya explained the meaning of the artwork to Xena. "Xena, every time you rehearse an action, another one of your doubts are gone. Practice makes perfect, but always remember to listen to your heart".

Xena smiled and understood. She realized the artwork's wisdom could help her overcome her self-doubts in everyday life.

To unravel the deeper mysteries of this work, practice how to get out of your head and into your body: BAL-CON-MED-FOC.