Polymorphous Desire

Garfield of London
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The Book Of GAH!
Chapter 2: Freedom Is On The Other Side
(narrated by Paris)

Collect the magical "Polymorphous Desire" by Garfield of London.

A limited edition print of 100 printed on Chromogenic Archival Gloss with a signed certificate of authenticity.

A voice from within the artwork whispered in her ear, "In this chaotic world, look for the space to find your peace......close your eyes, to the pretty lies, for only you heart can see past the confusion." Xena took a deep breath and prepared herself for the journey ahead.

But the journey was not just about finding peace in the world around her, it was also about finding peace within herself. She began to see that true peace was not the absence of chaos, but the ability to find harmony within it.

Focus on the Symbol and Listen to your Breath.

To absorb the hidden secrets and teachings of this work, practice how to get out of your head and into your body: BAL-CON-MED-FOC.