The Art of GAH Videos

A selection of video installations

Focus On The Symbol

A video installation for
World Mental Health Day 2023

October 2023


I Can See My Beauty
written and narrated
by Karine Brûlé 🇨🇵

An extract from my collaborative project with the wonderful
intuitive empath Karine Brûlé 🇨🇵 who, inspired by my artworks,
wrote & narrated her story
"I Can See My Beauty"

November 2021

My works in order of appearance:
1. I.C.U.
2. The Colors Of Love
3. Find Your Miraculous
4. Illumination
5. "The 17th Day"
6. Scarrna (No. 6)


Love Comes Back To You In Waves
written and narrated
by Sally Vanderpump 🇬🇧

Collaborative project with the wonderful actress
Sally Vanderpump 🇬🇧 who, inspired by my artworks, wrote &
narrated her story "Love Comes Back To You In Waves"

June 2021


The Art of GAH! - The Backgarden Gallery

During the first Covid Lockdown I couldn't exhibit
my work so I created a gallery in my back garden.

June 2020.



A performance piece with my artwork 'Illumination'
in The London Ultra group exhibition at the Southbank Bargehouse.

December 2018.