There Are Always Choices

Garfield of London
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The Book Of GAH!
Chapter 7: Finding The Keys
(narrated by Asase Yaa)

Collect the magical "There Are Always Choices" by Garfield of London.

A limited edition print of 100 printed on Chromogenic Archival Gloss with a signed certificate of authenticity.

At any moment in time, there are many possibilities and choices, look for the keys, to find your way. Any way, is a way.

The choices you make today, will determine who you will become tomorrow.

See who you want to be, to Manifest your destiny. Remember, there are many ways to see!

The doors are different choices. The keys guide you to good choices.

The keys are answers. the doors are questions.

The doors are opportunities. The keys are knowledge and wisdom.

The doors are when you are stuck, and don't know what to do. The keys open you up, and guide you to solutions.

See who you want to be. To Manifest, your destiny.

To absorb the hidden secrets and teachings of this work, practice how to get out of your head and into your body: BAL-CON-MED-FOC.

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