Garfield of London
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The Book Of GAH!
Chapter 4: The Monster Of The Maze
(narrated by Dandara dos Palmares)


Collect the magical "Karlaful" by Garfield of London.

A limited edition print of 100 printed on Chromogenic Archival Gloss with a signed certificate of authenticity.

She repeated it to herself, over and over again. "Vivid vibrant colours reflect your energy within, but you must truly love yourself for your confidence to begin". Xena believed that this was an important clue to unlocking the maze, so she memorised it.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of running and fighting, Xena reached the center of the maze. And there, standing before her, was the most beautiful artwork she had ever seen.

It was the artwork called "Karlaful". This masterful artwork was composed of vivid vibrant colours, within geometric mesmeric shapes, with The Symbol of GAH! at its center which glowed.

Focus on the Symbol and Listen to your Breath.

To absorb the hidden secrets and teachings of this work, practice how to get out of your head and into your body: BAL-CON-MED-FOC.